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NRF: Gabrielle Ornate Spreads Her Wings on Debut Single "The March of the Caterpillars"

Gabrielle Ornate is a musician whose music first intrigued me through her band Fire in Her Eyes. The three-piece harmonies in that band contribute greatly to their psychedelic-pop sound, so I had high expectations for Ornate's debut solo single.

"The March of the Caterpillars" premieres today. It intrigued me from the first listen, and the song does carry similarities from Fire in Her Eyes, but it also allows for Ornate to have a different sound blossom. The result is a beautiful ode to life and the metamorphosis that comes with and from it.

Ornate pulls inspiration from several different parts in life:

“Lots of different things influence me. At the moment, I’m very interested in different social and political themes. Also, personal transformation and inner empowerment are close to my heart - I’m proud of the journey I’ve been on within myself over the past year.”

The story behind the song draws on a metaphor of metamorphosis, an element that is exhibited in her music video - due to be released next Friday, March 5th - which alternates between animation of a caterpillar and footage of Ornate.

“In life,” Ornate tells me, “everyone transforms into evolved versions of themselves, a natural process that inevitably happens. I want to pass on my message of optimism that change is a positive thing. People may come in and out of your life and, although it may be challenging in the moment, everything happens for a reason. The same goes for personal growth. Even though it might seem scary transforming from a caterpillar into a butterfly, it's totally worth it in the end!”

You can hear the song on here:


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